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I'm Anna.

I am a multidisciplinary designer, art director, illustrator and creative coach, based in and from Munich / Germany. 
I have worked in numerous high end design environments in the past 22 years and can offer a wide range of experience and deep understanding in various design fields, such as art direction, editorial design,
( print and digital ), image research, image design, illustration,

motion design, branding and packaging. I am fluent in german and english.

I love horses and animals in general and being outdoors as often as I can. I live and breathe art and design since I grew up in a family of artists and designers. I work best by myself when it comes to "birthing" new ideas and essentially creating something, but I equally love hearing about your business and to listen and observe carefully when it comes to your vision about it, to create beautyfully crafted custom design solutions for you.

Let´s talk! : )

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